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Immersive Online Platform

Virtual event platforms came of age last year, and we are focused on delivering an exceptional virtual event experience.

Student Connect

Connecting leaders with  up-and-coming talent in the supply chain management profession. See the FAQ for details.

Expert Speakers

Hear from top executives, thought leaders and entrepreneurs.

Interactive Sessions

Participate in breakout discussions and interactive workshops.

Quality Networking

We are carefully crafting a virtual networking experience.

Live Q&A

Engage with speakers and panelists in an interactive online platform.

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Conference Agenda

What Past Attendees Said

I met a lot of great people who were inspiring. Technology is relatively new to this industry so it's exciting to see what people are coming up with. It was an excellent combination [of] tech and supply chain.

2019 Attendee

This was the first true SCM conference I have been to in Seattle, ever!

2019 Attendee

I got what I put into it, looking forward to either sending some of my team to it next year or attending myself.

2019 Attendee
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The easiest way to stay connected with updates about the event. We post frequently about new speakers, workshops and other announcements.

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Supply Chain Weekly by the event director, Kellen Betts, explores connections and undercurrents in supply chain news and research.

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