Terry Schmidt

President, ManagementPro.Com

Terry Dean Schmidt is a business strategy consultant who helps leaders and teams develop strategies and design execution plans which achieve great results. He is president of ManagementPro.Com, a Seattle-based company. Terry has worked in 42 countries and his clients include Fortune 100s’s, fast-growing smaller companies, the national research laboratories, and virtually every federal and Washington state government agency. The author of nine books, his most popular is Strategic Project Management Made Simple (Wiley, 2021), named one of the top 8 books in project management. Terry teaches strategy and execution at leading corporate universities and in executive management programs worldwide. He is the senior instructor at the UCLA Technical Management Program. Terry has trained over 25,000 professionals, and his programs have earned a reputation for being lively, innovative, and effective. He earned his BS in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Washington and his MBA from Harvard

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