Start Smart:  Get Your Strategic Initiatives Off the Ground Faster and Smoother

20 May

About the Session

This is a time when disruptive world events compel us to transform our supply chains and offer each of us a chance to shine.  But why do so many supply chain improvement projects -- and other project types as well -- fall short of delivering their expected results?

The key to project success begins with how we design them in the first place. This session offers a breakthrough 5-step approach to design projects that are sound from the start, reduce risk, and multiply the odds of complete success.

Discover how this simple and scalable approach seamlessly integrates constructs from strategic planning, project management, team building, and risk management into a practical planning and action framework that enables projects to deliver greater value and results.

Proven in virtually every industry, you can easily apply this unique approach to successfully tackle complex problems, projects, issues, and opportunities of all types.

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