Supplier Mapping is Key to Resilient and Sustainable Supply Chains

20 May


About the Session

Supply chain disruptions are a fact of life; the last couple years in particular revealed the vulnerabilities baked into our lean, cost-optimized, and unsustainable supply chains. They’ve also highlighted the need for building supply-chain-resilience capabilities to mitigate risk across key areas, including sustainability. Companies that have solid supply chain monitoring and mapping capabilities — down to the sub-tier site and part level — have a complete picture of how any given disruption will affect their supply chains.

In this session, Peter Guinto, Vice President of Government Affairs at Resilinc, will discuss supply chain resiliency insights including:

  • Why supplier network mapping needs to be a top priority for companies of all sizes when it comes to resiliency, visibility, and sustainability
  • What makes for a successful mapping model, multiple tiers deep
  • How technology is playing a role in helping companies map their networks
  • Case studies of those organizations who have successfully mapped their networks
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