Fireside Chat

Complexity is Good: How Amazon and Microsoft Created Stronger Supply Chain Resiliency

20 May

About the Session

Jason and David had decades of experiences building out the supply chains of Amazon and Microsoft, respectively.

A central theme to their success was embracing complexity. By eliminating single points of failure, performance went up and costs went down.

In this fireside chat, David Warrick will interview Jason Murray to dive into historical examples of where Amazon leaned into complexity to dramatically improve resiliency.

The audience will walk away with two key areas of insight:
- Specific parts of the supply chain benefit from added complexity more than others. Audience members will identify which stages had the biggest impact on Amazon’s operations.
- Complexity is impossible to manage without technology. Audience members will learn how Amazon harnessed certain types of modern technology, such as cloud computing and machine learning, to control complexity to get desired outcomes.

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