Debra A. Smith

Managing Partner, Constraints Management Group

Debra A. Smith, CPA, EMBA, TOCICO, is a founder and the managing partner of Constraints Management Group (CMG). CMG is a services and technology company specializing in integrated pull-based manufacturing, materials and project management systems for mid-range and large manufacturers and their supply chains. CMG is the founder and a current Channel Partner and shareholder of Demand Driven Technologies and a co-founder of the Demand Driven Institute. Together with her partners (past and present), CMG is responsible for much of the development and practical application of the methodology, processes and software development known as Demand Driven MRP, the Demand Driven Operating Model and Demand Driven Sales & Operations Planning. In between founding CMG and her career in public accounting with Deloitte, she spent time as a Director of Finance with the Clorox Company, a VP of Finance for a publicly traded manufacturer and 7 years as an accounting professor. During that time she was the recipient of the 1993 IMA and Price Waterhouse applied research grant that resulted in the first of four books including 2013’s Demand Driven Performance – Using Smart Metrics. Ms. Smith has been the driving force in the development and application of flow-based metrics and her clients span across all industries and four continents. She is a recognized Thought Leader in management accounting, The Theory of Constraints and Demand Driven methodology and practice. In 2001, she was elected to the founding board of TOCICO and served 7 years. In 2016, TOCICO awarded her their Lifetime Achievement Award.

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